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Responsibility for tomorrow

Aware of its responsibility as a global player, Militzer & Münch has long recognized the principle of sustainability and implemented it as a guideline for its corporate governance. For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means the harmonious interaction of ecology, economy and social commitment. 

Green has right of way
Making efficient, intelligent and economically as well as ecologically meaningful use of resources is a matter of course for Militzer & Münch as a logistics company. We are committed to environment protection and always aim at avoiding unnecessary kilometers and choosing carriers in an intelligent way, so as to keep energy consumption at a low level. We use modern, fuel-efficient trucks with low CO2 emission rates and continually optimize our network so we can guarantee even more resource-conserving transport solutions in future.

Independent, innovative, long-term oriented
As early as twelve years after it was founded, Militzer & Münch started offering freight transports abroad: In 1892, the first shipment went to Italy. Since then, Militzer & Münch has constantly been out and about on the international stage, and is now at home in circa 30 countries. Militzer & Münch supports this development by banking on global standards and local management structures. They allow us to be responsive to the characteristics of the country in question while at the same time keeping an eye on the long-tem, group-wide targets. In every country, the Militzer & Münch companies enjoy a high degree of independence, while at the same time being fully transparent to the corporate management. Militzer & Münch is independent of power and politics, and, owing to a solid financial base, geared towards long-term success.

Mutual respect
Militzer & Münch has adopted a Code of Conduct which postulates that different cultures and mentalities be understood and respected, and that employees focus on exchange instead of dominance. We assume responsibility for our employees and are committed to their safety, health and equality.